Cloud Slam 2009 Virtual Conference On Cloud Computing

Cloud Slam 2009 is the premier international conference on cloud computing, networking, storage and analysis. The Cloud Slam Conference, which brings together leading companies and visionaries in business, technology, and cloud computing to showcase the hottest opportunities for driving profitability through sustainability.

The Cloud Slam Conference is global cloud computing event, covering latest trends and innovations in the world of cloud computing. Conference panels, workshops, and tutorials are selected to cover a range of the hottest topics in cloud computing. Key topics will include the significant benefits of an open cloud, enterprise readiness of SaaS architectures, and the impact of cloud computing on application developers.

The 2nd Annual Virtual Conference on Cloud Computing! It is hosted online March 23-25, 2009. You are cordially invited to participate in Cloud Slam 2010 through paper submission, a workshop or a special session organization, a tutorial, an invited speech, a demo, a poster, an exhibit, a panel discussion, whichever sounds more appropriate and convenient to you. There will also be tutorial sessions, workshops, special sessions, demos, posters, panel discussions.

The World’s First and Largest Virtual Cloud Computing Summit Will Bring Thought-Leaders From Around the World Together for Five Days – Virtually. The conference will include invited presentations by experts from academia, industry, and government as well as contributed paper presentations describing original work on the current state of research cloud computing, their use in business, their design, performance and use, and their applications. Conference registration is now open. The early bird registration fee is $40, and available until March 23. General admission is $52. For more information and to register, visit and

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Dynamic Network Layer for Advanced Cloud Computing

Google Tech Talks September 2, 2008 ABSTRACT In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as an attractive tool for delivering web-based services. Cloud computing enables rapid deployment of new services and allows those services to scale dynamically, in response to changing user demand. However, the range of cloud computing applications is constrained by limitations of the Internet service model. New network level services are needed to enable advanced applications that include real-time, person-to-person communication. This talk discusses how to add a dynamic network layer to cloud computing infrastructures, to enable the rapid introduction of new network services in support of advanced applications. Speaker: Jonathan S. Turner Jonathan S. Turner received the MS and phd degrees in computer science from Northwestern University in 1979 and 1981. He holds the Barbara and Jerome Cox Chair of Computer Science at Washington University, is Chairman of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Director of the Applied Research Lab. The Applied Research Laboratory creates experimental networking technology to validate and demonstrate new research innovations. The Lab’s current projects center on extensible networking technology with a particular focus on high performance platforms for overlay hosting services. Professor Turner served as Chief Scientist for Growth Networks, a startup company that developed scalable switching components for Internet routers and ATM

2006 Fashion Review and 2007 Current Fashion Trends

Animal prints were a major fashion trend in Fall 2006. Leopard spots were most noticeable, similar to the spots you can find on a big cat. The jewelry hot fashion was Faux tortoise, faceted wood beads, animal print beads, and similar tone beads. The earth tone colors include shades of brown, rust, olive, with black and gray accents. Imagine surfing in the wild in Africa, the fashion was pretty exciting, but I do hope and pray designers and factories are using faux fur instead of furs of real animals!
In the end of the year, the fashion went towards baroque, English royalty was the inspiration for this ornate trend, bold accessories such as brooches, cocktail rings, layered necklaces, medallion motifs, jabots and chunky belts complement the baroque style dresses.The colors were truly jewelry tones: emerald, ruby, topaz, deep amethyst and blue. These are very rich colors; you can really imagine King Henry VIII and his many wives wearing this kind of clothes and jewelry in the palace.
The fashion was strongly influence by the French Empire, the love story between Napoleon and Josephine in late 18 century which inspired this feminine, romantic trends. To match the romantic style dress, the jewelry comes with lace and metal combinations, laser cut lace patterns on metals, hand painted chunky charms, bird motifs, porcelain flowers, faceted glass beads on velvets. The colors that whispers romance is a range of milky pale tones like misty blue, lilac, rose and buttercup. Wow, I can’t wait to see that, it would make any woman feel like a princess!

Cindy Chelini is a fashion and jewelry designer

Cindy Chelini is a fashion and jewelry designer for
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Computing in the Cloud – Civics in the cloud

How and where can cloud computing best improve public knowledge and engagement in political issues? What has been achieved so far? What is possible in the long run? What moves by private actors, and what policy changes, might do the most to harness the power of cloud computing for civic engagement? Moderator: David Robinson — Associate Director, CITP Josh Tauberer (home page), founder of Andrew Page, associate director, John Wonderlich, Program Director, Sunlight Foundation

Blackberry Phones Perfect For Business Users

Blackberry is a well-known name in the global telecommunications sector and BlackBerry Phones are developed by Research in Motion, A leading designer and marketer of wireless solutions that was founded in 1984 that was based in waterloo. The status of Blackberry phones started when in the year 2002 Blackberry announced its high proficient Smartphone that supports push e-mail, mobile web browsing, text messaging, internet faxing as well as a multi-touch interface and a lot of advanced features those are required for normal users and business users.

At presently BlackBerry offers good looking smart phones with advanced features like amazing email service through the BlackBerry Connect software to non-BlackBerry devices, such as the PDA. These days current models of Blackberry phones have color displays and touch screen too. The latest GSM BlackBerry models BlackBerry 9500 Storm, BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Bold 9700 Blackberry Curve 8900 comes with latest designs and advanced mobile phones technology. RIM provides platforms to time-sensitive information, including email, phone, SMS messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications.

BlackBerry is truly a wondrous device, boasting many features beyond the ordinary mobile phones. The popular bold, pearl and storm series of Blackberry brought the color LCD screens with Wi-Fi & 3G Technology with Bluetooth features. The 8000 series of Blackberry mobiles gain popularity with the models Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve and the Blackberry Bold. Cameras and media players are the common features among this series of devices. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is the latest blackberry smart-phone that is also known as the Blackberry bold belongs to the 9000 series. This is the nice Blackberry phone with a Full QWERTY Keyboard interface and 3G HSDPA Technology. Blackberry Curve 8520 is a fantastic phone with Wi-Fi Technology. BlackBerry 9500 Storm 3.2 Inch 65k Colour Touch Screen phone with full HTML Browser, Facebook and MySpace Compatible. It amazing business phone with Touch Screen QWERTY Keyboard and 3.2 Megapixel Camera with Video Capture capabilities. If you plan to buy black berry contract phones then compare best offers on online mobile shops.

Condition your infrastructure to exploit cloud computing Want more business capabilities without adding IT complexity and costs? By moving towards a dynamic infrastructure, you can take advantage of flexible sourcing options like cloud computing. Cloud computing can help turn mountains of data into intelligence and can help give you the agility, speed and scalability to deliver a wide range of serviceswhile freeing up capital in your data center. It doesnt matter what your current infrastructure is like IBM can show you ways to harness the power of public and private clouds. From consulting to implementation to cloud-delivered IBM listens to your business goals and brings the right fit of enabling technology, services, and support to help you condition your infrastructure and gain the benefits of cloud computing today.

Understanding The Latest Fashion Trends For Women

Fashion is a pendulum that swings from one side to the other, it seems. Although designers are constantly coming up with creative ways to differentiate, it seems like everything old will eventually be new again. But understanding the latest fashion trends for women is a little more complicated than waiting for the pendulum to swing back the other way. There are five key factors that influence the changing trends in women’s fashion. They are as follows:

Colors and sex appeal: Women have rules for what colors are right for times of the year. Spring is a time of brighter colors as if to celebrate the onset of warmer weather and fun in the sun. During colder months, many will choose to wear darker clothes and longer sleeves. Naturally, there is a tendency to cover up when it’s cold and accentuate sex appeal when it’s warmer.

Celebrity: There is no denying the influence of female celebrities when it comes to fashion. The more a female celebrity is able to catch attention with what she wears, the more likely that fashion choice will make it in to the public conscience.

Designers: Over time, certain fashion designers have garnered well-deserved reputations as fashion experts. There creative choices often influence the fashion decisions that famous women make. So behind every well-dressed female celebrity, there is a respected designer making her look fabulous.

Woman’s prerogative: It is the female prerogative to change her mind, to wear only what she feels comfortable in, or to choose sexy and stunning over casual and comfortable. The one constant in women’s fashion trends is that they are always changing, and this is partly due to the inclination of a woman to dress based on her emotions. A woman’s prerogative is not to be discounted when it comes to influencing the trajectory of where fashion is, and where it will end up.

Cost: Cost is also a factor on women’s fashion trends. And that does not necessarily mean women will always choose cheap for the sake of a deal. Premium priced product is just as attractive to women as great bargains off the clearance rack. How a piece of clothing is priced influences the value a female consumer will place on the product when deciding what purchases she should make to pamper herself. Costs that are too cheap indicates that the product may be cheaply made and have a short lifespan.

Understanding the latest fashion trends for women is only possible if you understand the minds of women. It’s not something that can be pigeonholed to meet a certain set of criteria. It’s all about a woman’s right to find the look that works best for her and best displays her inner feelings, strength, and worth.

enjot lates fashion trends

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Women Fashion Trends

Women fashion trends borrow heavily from trends for grown ups, but include one important distinction: teen fashions exist within strictly enforced fashion subcultures. For most womens, clothing is short-hand for declaring which clique they belong to. Womens tend to dress in clothing that announces their affiliations and interests with crystal clarity.

Women’s fashion will be moving toward stylish and elegant femininity this summer with pants taking a back seat to dresses and skirts. Bright colors are making a comeback this year with red-orange and fuchsia taking center stage. Cool, neutral colors may make a splash this summer in lavender and aqua shades. For women who prefer darker tones, brown is predicted to be the new black with trendy colors ranging from rich chocolate to light khaki.

Top 8 Trends in Women’s Fashion

1. Dress Her in Complete Looks.

2. Skinny Jeans.

3. Fun Shoes that Really Express Her Personality.

4. Special Clothes That Will Make Her Stand Out.

5. Leggings Worn Under a Short Skirt.

6. Longer Tees and Other Long Tops.

7. Pastel Prints and How to Wear Them.

8. Designer or Designer Inspired Jeans.

Women should select right dress according to the type of body. Before choosing any dress, determine the type of body, as there are different height and weight and age.

1. One should wear free flowing clothes in a single tone for getting a slim and long look. Try fabrics such as georgette or chiffon for dresses.

2. One should wear clothes according to size. Loose fitting clothes do not give good look to anyone. One must wear fitted clothes to look gorgeous.

3. One must be careful about wearing accessories as these speak more than dress. Therefore always watch out accessories.

4. Women should be sure about jeweler; it can suit one’s face.

5. If one has thin waist, wear belts for feeling comfortable.

6. One should invest in the bags, a basic wardrobe and shoes.

7. Women should not following trends of fashion blindly.

ok enjoy the tips

Fashion Trends & Careers : How to Make Rock & Roll Clothes

Rock-and-roll clothing should follow a rough aesthetic, whether it be grunge rock, punk rock or alternative rock. Put together a rock-and-roll outfit with tips from a New York City fashion stylist in this free video on fashion. Expert: Mark Holmes Contact: Bio: Mark Holmes is a professional fashion stylist in NYC. Filmmaker: Kevin Haberer

Cloud Computing and You

Everything changes; the world, business, technology, everything. In the year 2000, we had dial-up internet, expensive software suite solutions, IT departments, and branch offices. We still have those things – except if you still have dial-up, stop reading and go get DSL – but we use them in different ways in a different environment. A lot has changed in eight years and all that changing is because technology first changed. Well, it’s about to change again.

If you have an online email account or use Google documents, then you already are using “cloud computing.” Soon enough, cloud computing will not only be a very good option for business, it may be the best option.

Cloud computing is internet based software. The internet itself is the cloud part of the metaphor. Right now, you can store all of your files on someone else’s server. You could have only one source of email and have it be internet-based. You can create and share documents and spreadsheets where neither the files, nor the applications reside on your computer. This is our current form of cloud computing. As we speak, it’s getting better.

Do you use QuickBooks for your business’s accounting? Intuit has a cloud version. IBM just launched Lotus Notes for the clouds. Google, Zoho, and others have internet based word processing and spreadsheets already. If you want to have a slick phone exchange system, there are many companies that offer a virtual PBX. Need a robust Customer Relationship Manager? Try SalesForce. If you look hard enough, you can probably find a company that is offering a cloud version of most every part of your business.

Obviously, switching to say, a virtual PBX will save you tons of money on equipment costs alone, but there are other reasons for getting excited about cloud computing. As the floodgates open, you will be able to duplicate every aspect of your business in the clouds and your office computers will be reduced to just outlets and workstations.

The beauty of cloud computing is readily apparent to anyone with computer hardware headaches. Are you one of those poor owners who has ever lost time, money, or information due to a server meltdown? With cloud computing, powerful servers with dedicated IT professionals are at your disposal. You don’t have to lift a finger! Expansion for your business becomes an easy natural process.

The companies that offer clouds services will expand as necessary too. They will service, maintain, and watch over their servers. They will have the latest anti-virus. They will worry and deal with all of the hardware issues you have now – or have ever had – so you won’t have to.

The first downside that comes to mind is keeping track of or integrating several different services for your company. Most likely, you already have many different programs that you have formed together on the computers in your office. The only difference with cloud computing is that your programs will be through the internet.

There isn’t one company that provides the cloud computing version of everything for everyone. Most likely, there will never be one. We don’t even have that now. What it will be is a shift of labor and hardware requirements for businesses, making them more flexible and coherent.

Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google introduced us to using applications that we didn’t purchase and install. Without even noticing, we took our first steps into the clouds.