Full Hands on Nexus One

Will add the specs soon. For more info you can go to google.com We did the quick Nexus spot on TPDS, and a bunch of you wanted more, so here you go. Thanks for watching and subscribing icon smile Full Hands on Nexus One

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  1. how much do you pay monthly bill for that?

  2. I have a samsung with a full keyboard. I want a Nexus One.

  3. i have the LG Vu
    but i want the Samsung Impression or if i switch to verizon then i want the motorola droid

  4. I have a LG Chocolate.
    I want either that, an iPhone or…..a samitch!!!

  5. an ooold black berry, i could probably run it over with a car and it would still work. never getting rid of it, one day it will stop a bullet.

  6. cashgiftisnoscam on January 18th, 2010 at 11:20 am

    I dont have a phone.. I want that one

  7. I currently have the moto droid and I love it.. there are so many things you can do with it that I don’t think many people know about… the ads are right, droid does everything (ok, maybe it doesn’t do everything… it definitely cannot swim)

  8. TheSpellingPoliceman on January 18th, 2010 at 12:39 pm


  9. i have a chocolate touch, but now i want a nexus. never wanted an iphone, itouch is the way to go with that, cuz then u can use wifi without needing the expensive media package, though u prolly need media package for nexus aswell….

  10. I have the iPhone 3G. I got it last May (used), and I’ve jail broken/unlocked it. I’ve had everything from the Motorola Razr (v3t/i/c) to Sony Ericsson w760, to Blackberry Pearls, Curves and bolds, to Nokia n95s and even a WinMo phone. I like it that there are a bus load of apps for the iPhone. It’s so user friendly (once jail broken, of course), and using it feels so natural.
    All that said, I want an iPhone 3GS. Not a fan of the crummy specs though, wish it had even better hardware specs :(

  11. the price of the nexus is to crazy

  12. I currently have the first Verizon Storm. It is completely awful. Screen collects dust underneath, the click screen has broken from use and the software and accelerometer is slow/broken. I would like to get my hands on an HTC HD2 but unfortunately its said to be going to T-mobile.

  13. Wicked job, Phil


  15. want: droid.

  16. how much does the nexus cost?

  17. @Kain217

    If you ask me, Palm has everyone beat when it comes to innovative smartphone OS. I wanted to get the Centro when the Treo Pro was out until I heard they were bringing it back for the Pre. I got the iPhone because it was the phone with the best OS at that time which was back in 2008. Like someone else said, the iphone is only popular because of the music player.

  18. NICE Ronald Jenkees rip at the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I think the apps store for the iphone is awesome, but i think that is really the only thing apple has going for it. If android is able to catch up in the app game I think all iphonees will be obsolete I mean honestly the nexus one and hd2 already beat the iphone in almost every hardware aspect once the software catches up theres no contest

  20. I have the versa. It’s cool to feel like you are switching phones everytime you change the keyboard. But I really want the droid.

  21. I have a iphone 3gs blacck 16 gb. But the nexus one looks pretty cool.

  22. I have an Iphone 3g but now I kinda want the nexus bc of the better camera :)

  23. I just got this iPhone 3gs in dec 09 so I don’t think I want a new phone. That said there are lots of feature in the nexus I like. I’m not sure if this feature is available on the phone yet but I’m hoping to see some sort of google voice intergration into the OS to cut down on minutes if I decide to jump ship in the future.

  24. i want an iphone

  25. wow that voice recognition is pretty neat. wonder what words or accents would throw it off though

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