Fashion Trends From The Hollyscoop Girls

Hollyscoop Girls on the KTLA evening news with Ross king. The girls who run Diana Magpapian, Nora Gasparian and Ani Esmailian give you the scoop on what celeb trends you can get for less. From Eva Longoria’s favorite dress, Kristen Bell’s hot dress from the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” movie premiere. To stars trend which Kate Moss, Paris Hilton sport to Gwyneth Paltrow’s jumpsuit which J. Lo loves as well.

Why Larry Ellison hates Cloud computing

video show Why Larry Ellison hates Cloud computing

F5 Cloud Computing video

F5 Cloud Computing video talking about recent survey results.

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Touchscreen Mobile Phones Go to War – Blackberry Storm Vs Nokia 5800

It’s time for what may seem to be an odd match-up today, but when you think about it, these two particular mobile phones are actually pretty evenly matched, and pitting them against each other DOES make sense. So, let’s settle down watch the action as the Blackberry Storm takes on the Nokia 5800.

Nokia 5800 – touch, feel, play

The first phone in this battle’s a totally new member of Nokia’s Xpress range of music mobile phones, the gorgeous Nokia 5800. This phone is quite obviously made for music and media, as it has a separate XpressMedia button that pops up a list of links to music, videos, the web, and more. Then, of course, the Nokia 5800 has a 3.2 inch touch-sensitive display, to let you use all your media files. Essentially, the Nokia 5800 was created to be a little handheld jukebox and movie player, and as music devices go, this is just about the prettiest. The Nokia 5800 also has, built-in, a 3 megapixel camera, HSDPA internet access and sat-nav, making it a wonderful all-rounder, as well as a brilliant media box. Oh, and it has a strap to fasten on a fake guitar plectrum. That rocks.

It’s also the first mobile phone to use the new Symbian S60 Touch platform, making it the first of a generation. So, with that in mind, let’s pit it against another phone that uses a brand new, touchscreen platform: the gorgeous Blackberry Storm.

Blackberry Storm – more than just a storm in a teacup

Up against the Nokia 5800 is the new Blackberry Storm, and although it might seem an odd match-up, in fight terms, it’s not actually as daft as it sounds. For example, both the Nokia 5800 and the Blackberry Storm are the first mobile phones to feature the touch versions of their respective operating systems, with the Blackberry Storm being based, obviously, on the Blackberry OS (well, the touch version of it, anyway). The Blackberry Storm also has a 3 megapixel camera, similar to the 5800, and it has a wealth of multimedia options. Both mobile phones also forgo a physical keyboard, but the Blackberry Storm adds something new to its virtual keyboard (well, to its interface as a whole): a moving, clickable screen. That’s right, the whole screen is clickable like a giant button, making ‘accidentally starting applications by touching the wrong icon’ a thing of the past. Of course, like all of its predecessors, the Blackberry Storm lives for email, as well, and its push email, just like its ancestors, lets you keep in touch with your emails, no matter where.

Nokia 5800 vs Blackberry Storm – which one should YOU buy?

So, which of these two mobile phones should you go for? Should you go for the more media-oriented Nokia 5800? Or possibly you like the email capabilities of the Blackberry Storm? Well, to a certain extent, it WILL come down to what you wan to use it for. The Blackberry Storm is undoubtedly the more capable of the two mobile phones for email. Well, come on, it has Blackberry email access, surely that was never in doubt! However, when it comes to media, the Nokia 5800 is clearly the more capable, with more colours no screen, smoother playback, better music quality, and so on. However, there is one thing you need to know about the Blackberry Storm, because its biggest strength is also its biggest flaw: that clickable touchscreen. It’s innovative, it completely removes the possibility of catching the wrong icon on screen, and it’s not been seen on any other mobile phones before, giving it cool factor. BUT (and it’s a big but), you have to really press down on it; when typing out an email on the Blackberry Storm, it’s going to absolutely destroy your thumb muscles after a while, and quite apart from tiring your hands quicker, it also makes it marginally slower to type that email. So, given the fact that it may well physically hurt to use the Storm after a while, the winner, for me, has to be the Nokia 5800.

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Cloud Computing 101

Cloud computing is the name given to the technology of using computers and computer based software on the Internet. The term “Cloud” stands for the Internet or rather, its visual depiction in network diagrams. Cloud computing is widely considered to be the next big thing in terms of computer or information technology and almost every major IT company is currently working on its own version of cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

So what exactly is cloud computing and what does it do? In the simplest of terms, cloud computing refers to a new method of using computers. It allows users to get their work done online without having to be restricted or bound to a single computer. For example, you can create and save your documents related to your taxes online and access them from anywhere, anytime through a computer connected to the internet. This is just one example. Cloud computing allows users to be completely mobile.

Cloud computing refers to any service, whether free, purchased or subscription based that extends the existing IT capabilities of a single user or enterprise in real time. It does this through the use of the Internet and allows multiple users at multiple locations to make use of the same service or software without having to invest in it separately. By taking its users through a short cloud computing course, enterprises can quickly get ready to reap maximum benefits of this technology.

How Does It Help?

Cloud computing is really helpful for people working remotely or for travelers who need to access their data from multiple sites. Talking of remote workers, cloud computing makes coordination between remote teams really easy. Through the use of cloud computing, members of the same team located in different locations can access the same work files everywhere simultaneously and make changes in real time.

The benefits of cloud computing are not limited to just real time sharing of files and documents; they also carry forward into monetary savings. With cloud computing, individual users and enterprises no longer need to invest in individual software licensing. Cloud computing cuts out the need for multiple computers and multiple installations of the same software as the service can be accessed from anywhere and any computer connected to the internet.

Cloud computing training too is easy and cost effective as there is no need for specialized courses. Most cloud computing applications carry the same features as their traditional counterparts and so are easy to learn.

Who Can Use Cloud Computing?

Virtually anyone; cloud computing is easy to learn and even easier to implement. There is literally no capital expenditure involved in terms of software purchase requirements. What’s more, it is easy to learn cloud computing through a cloud computing course online. Such cloud computing education could not only introduce you to the basics of this new age technology but also equip you with all the necessary information to get started on the technology.

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Hottest Hi Tech Gadgets in 2010 – The Portable Reader

Among many hi tech gadgets, the hottest trend of buying electronic gift set is a portable reader in 2010. This is a wireless reading device that can read ebooks any time any where. Right now, there are more and more players coming into these markets for e.g Samsung to compete with the innovator leaders like Amazon , Sony and Barnes. The fierce battle among these strong players as well as new entry players like Samsung can be seen during the recent Las Vegas CES Show in Jan 2010. All are trying to compete to fight for a market share.  To consumers like you and me, there will be more advantages than disadvantages for a spoilt of wider choices, better pricing and product features selection. However, buying a portable reader  is not as simple as buying a piece of electronic device. You need to consider various aspects before committing to your desired model.

Here are the essential pointers on choosing the right portable Ebook reader of your choice.

1. Choose the portable reader with appropriate display size. A rule of thumb is must be at least 6″inch wide. Often, it is too small a display that will make your reading experience get worse after some time.

2. You can often find good deals online and get your desired portable ebook reader.

3. Portable Reader will imply the need for wireless 3G technology. With 3G, you can just read freely any time any where.

4. You may want to get the portable reader with a much larger capacity to store as many Ebooks as possible.

5. It should also support the largest assortment of compatible formats for Ebooks, newspapers, magazines, Blogs and articles. A portable book reader which does not support a wide of data formats and e-media types will not be in great demand.

6. Advanced text to speech capabilities will enable some portable ebook readers to quantum leap others.

7. Thin profile portable reader will be getting more and more popular. Its weight is also another important consideration.

8. You may need a long battery lifespan for your portable reader for continual usage without main powers. Typically, the portable reader should at least support 4-5 days of continual usage.

9. Portable Readers which can support a wider choice of fanciful accessories can allow the owner to mix and match at different times. This creates fun in owning such portable reader apart of just using it to read Ebooks.

It is definitely no doubt to say the Latest Kindle Reader being the most popular portable Ebook reader with several hundreds of thousands users. If cost is not a critical factor, i will recommend Kindle DX with 9.7″ display size and extra features like rotational display.

You can certainly join the ever growing list of happy users for the Latest Kindle Reader. The user experience is simply awesome.

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Energizing the Anywhere Enterprise:Another cloud computing application

The power of the Anywhere Network is driving the fusion of cloud computing, application mobility and social media. Although these three elements all independently bring important benefits to the enterprise, together they will transform how Anywhere Enterprises interact with their customers, partners and employees.

Latest Fashion Trends from Miley Cyrus (Super HQ)

Pics of Miley in her best outfits Rate, comment, subscribe! Songs: Breakout-Miley Cyrus I Thought I Lost You-Miley Cyrus & John Travolta Credit:

The Cloud Computing Craze


Over the last couple of years, cloud computing has taken the world of enterprise applications of information technology by storm. Almost every enterprise of any size now relies on cloud computing in some or the other way for meetings its targeted revenue and synchronization of work across all its work locations.

With the Internet permeating every aspect of work, cloud computing allows for real time coordination between work activities without the related cost or investment in physical resources. This has made cloud computing an indispensable resource for enterprises as well as individual users. However, its vast applicability has also given rise to the necessity for proper education and training.

Cloud Computing Courses

With a wide array of applications, it is very tough for individuals and enterprises to truly grasp the potential of cloud computing in the bigger picture of things. To understand this, they must first understand the fundamentals of the technology through relevant cloud computing courses.

There are already several cloud computing courses available through many established players in the world IT arena. While each of these courses covers different topics and applications related to cloud computing, an ideal course should cover the following:

Fundamentals:Fundamentals of cloud computing refer to the very building blocks of the technology. Any cloud computing training course would be incomplete if it does not teach the fundamentals. While most IT users are more or less with the term, its actual characteristics, (how it is designed and structured) and the wide range of its applicability are known to a handful few. The fundamentals of cloud computing courses can clear out this fuzzy understanding and put all concepts in clear light.

Deployment:Just as there is basic understanding of the concepts of cloud computing among users, the understanding of deployment requirements is also not that great. However, the cloud calls for a good deal of expertise and no IT user would find it easy to deploy cloud computing without actually understanding it in-depth. By enrolling in a cloud computing deployment training course, IT professionals can understand exactly how they can implement this initiative and how they can streamline the new applications for quick and maximum benefits.

Deployment would also normally allow the implementers to understand and define the steps they would have to take, and the pros and cons involved in bringing about a cloud computing initiative in their organization.

Architecture:An architecture course in cloud computing would equip a user to start designing a cloud computing application from scratch as per the requirements of the enterprise and also effectively implement it. The training would involve understanding the practical aspects and “nuts and bolts” of cloud computing in addition to developing the entire process. Using traditional development technologies, such a course would train users on understanding the application life cycle requirements of the cloud.

Current Fashion Trends of Spring and Summer 2009

Every year the world of fashion comes up with new fashion styles that are influenced by different seasons and this year is certainly not different. So what are the current fashion trends of spring and summer 2009?

These days we can clearly see not only the rise of brand new styles that have never been seen before, but we are experiencing the comeback of some old fashion trends. So the right answer to this question lies not only in the future but in the past as well. We can find the proof for this in last winter when we saw models walking down the catwalk in loose knitted sweaters, tartan patterns and embroidered skirts. But just don’t go off the topic and get back to current fashion trends. This year’s spring and summer are going to be colourful and playful and mostly bright and vivid colours are going to dominate. The hottest of all is going to be the red colour which, as we all know, represents love and passion. Although it is a very brave colour you shouldn’t be afraid to wear it this year.

Next colour, which by the way has endured from last winter, is purple and certainly shouldn’t be missing in your wardrobe in the spring and summer if you like to radiate and attract and arouse curiosity in men.

On the fashion walks we could see different tones of light green colour as a result of approaching spring. Some designers have also decided to follow lighter tones like sky blue, metallic and grey because they are considered to be a classic spring colours.

Other colours like yellow, orange and gold are going to emerge more often towards June and July, as they represent the beauty of summer and every woman’s gratification during this season.

Another colour you should have in your wardrobe is gold, although it should be used more with accessories. We certainly shouldn’t leave out white and black and their combinations, as they are always good to enhance elegance and feminine features in every woman. Brown is a colour for every occasion and thus is one of the colours of current fashion trends. Most of us were already getting tired of this long and cold winter and so we have all welcomed warmer temperatures. And as a new season is almost here we can obviously experience a big shift in daily outfits. Every skinny woman who wants to be attractive and look sexy should take an advantage of exposed midriff. You might think it could be too courageous for some women but it certainly is effective and also very practical in hot summer. So if your body shape can afford such a luxury just give it a shot and stay in a line with current fashion trends.

Another revealing feature of the following spring and summer are going to be one shoulder dresses. So this is a good chance for you to take an advantage of it and flatter your surrounding with the sexy look of your shoulders.

The overalls are going to be very fashionable as well and they are designed to suit as a work outfit, or for casual and special occasions. You can reinforce your lines in a big variety of overalls as they are designed as pants or shorts and made from silk, denim and so on. If you don’t have them in your wardrobe you should add it to your list of clothes you want to buy as they are very charming, classy and sexy.

Even if we thought that they are never coming back the ripped jeans denoted reinstatement last year and they are going to be reinforced even more this year. I’m not only talking about trousers but anything that is made of denim and can be ripped to look sexy, stylishly revealing and in a line with current fashion trends.

A jewel encrusted clothing is probably not something you would wear for a casual occasion but it’s excellent for some special occasions. They look very expensive and can give an elegant touch to your style. Don’t ditch them just because they might be considered to be upstream.

Because this year is more feminine driven than any other, the pants and the shorts are not presented as an extensive part of fashion catwalks. When it comes to motifs then flora and folk motifs of Africa and North America are going to be very popular as they represent the spirit of current season when the nature is awaking and growing to the same beauty as you can achieve in such an outfit. Also the star pattern from the last year is going to be replaced with a butterfly motif.Fringing is another thing that outlasted from winter and is going to be very popular this spring and summer. When you decide to do a shopping according to current fashion trends you should definitely get a fringed dress or a skirt if you would like to enhance your elegant and feminine look.The accessories are going to play a big role as well but not as a necessary supplement in a case of need but as a style productive feature of your personality.So here it is, very short and to the point fashion synopsis for spring and summer 2009.

You can clearly see from the picture painted above that fashion is more diverse these days and huge selection of various products on the markets reinforces individuality and more personal approach instead of main stream follow up. So the best thing would probably be to be yourself and shop for clothes wisely as not every single thing is will be trendy next year. Remember that in the current fashion trends is almost everything allowed. So if you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on your wardrobe then you should buy things that might prevail longer then couple of months.

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