MCU Stick will be eating by ARM

MCU embedded applications semiconductor products business proved to be a lucrative business market. According to market research firm iSuppli’s statistics, only in China MCU market, currently embedded applications every year, about the size of two billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, the slowdown in the semiconductor business, is not optimistic about the economic environment, the majority of companies have MCU operations to strengthen the business. In this process, MCU vendors have different strategies.

CortexM3 expanding consumer and industrial markets, or will form the three pillars of the situation. There is no doubt that the MCU ARMCortex-M3-based products currently in the embedded MCU market gained a. Many companies have launched or plan MCU introduced based on the core MCU. For example, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Atmel, and Toshiba Semiconductor Company has launched a variety of ARMCortex-M3-based MCU. Texas Instruments through the acquisition of Luminary, was based on the core product. In addition, companies such as Fujitsu Microelectronics will be launched in 2010 ARMCor-tex-M3 based on the MCU. As ARMCortex-M3 core-based microcontrollers with low cost, low power consumption and performance and other characteristics of the middle, you can replace the industrial market and the consumer electronics market, some of the 16-bit MCU, therefore, ARMCortex-M3 in the major markets for industrial control, Common consumer electronics market.

From the current marketing situation, although behind STMicroelectronics ARMCortex-M3-based Luminary introduced the MCU, but it is still the industry’s first to introduce the core MCU based on the mainstream of semiconductor companies. Moreover, STMicroelectronics more complete product line, so far has launched 70 types of products, covering all high school low-grade applications, products features are improving, so the market has started a number of design wins. Overall, STMicroelectronics products market to promote the fastest, the future should be ARMCortex-M3MCU a major supplier.

STMicroelectronics NXP ARMCortex-M3MCU products after the launch. Although the failure to seize the initiative, but NXP ARMCortex-M3MCU based on the latest Cortex-M3R2 revised kernel, it has some of the advanced nature of their products. For example, R2 revised core increased highly integrated power control. Using this technology, NXP ARMCortex-M3MCU can reach the industry’s lowest power consumption. The LPC1300 series in the operating frequency of 70MHz, the power consumption of about 200?A/MHz. Furthermore, NXP Cortex-M3MCU products of high speed, work speed up to 100MHz. In addition, NXP has also been actively improving its product line. Therefore, it is foreseeable, NXP will also become ARMCortex-M3MCU an important force in the market.

Texas Instruments in May 2009 acquisition of the Lu-minary. Luminary product lines are based on ARMCortex-M3′s MCU. Prior to this, a number of years, Texas Instruments ARMMCU technical route has been stagnant, while the acquisition of the Luminary change this situation. As LuminaryCortex-M3MCU product line has a certain standard, coupled with TI’s marketing efforts, the future of Texas Instruments will also be a ARMCortex-M3MCU market forces can not be ignored.

Although some companies in the market to promote its ARMCortex-M3 based on the MCU products, but the richness of product lines can not be compared with the three companies, and follow-up speed slightly slow. In this case, the recent above-mentioned three companies with extensive product line and market opportunities have been won, the field may ARMCortex-M3MCU built a pillar of the situation.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Review

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Review
The Samsung Galaxy S is among the most anticipated Android phones to date. So after using the handset for over a week, I’m handing down my verdict. Check out the full review of the Samsung GT-i9000 after the jump. At first sight, the Samsung Galaxy S would not really catch a lot of attention except [...] Related posts: Samsung Galaxy S i9000 price, 1st impressions When the handset was shown to …
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MPC Data announced a new version of its Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 board support package (BSP) for a low-cost SBC (single board computer) distributed by Digi-Key, plus plans to support Windows Embedded Compact 7 on the same platform.
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Get money with chromium min $500

It has been approximately six months since we launched the Chromium Security Reward program. Although still early days, the program has been a clear success. We have been notified of numerous bugs, and some of the participants have made it clear that it was the reward program that motivated them to get involved with Chromium security.
We maintain a list of issued rewards on the Chromium security page. As the list indicates, a range of researchers have sent us some great bugs and the rewards are flowing! This list should also help answer questions about which sort of bugs might qualify for rewards.
Today, we are modifying the program in two ways:
  1. The maximum reward for a single bug has been increased to $3,133.7. We will most likely use this amout for SecSeverity-Critical bugs in Chromium. The increased reward reflects the fact that the sandbox makes it harder to find bugs of this severity.
  2. Whilst the base reward for less serious bugs remains at $500, the panel will consider rewarding more for high-quality bug reports. Factors indicating a high-quality bug report might include a careful test case reduction, an accurate analysis of root cause, or productive discussion towards resolution.
Thanks to everyone who contributes to Chromium security, and here’s looking forward to our first elite entrant!
UPDATE: We’ve had a few questions about whether we pay rewards in cases where the bug comes to us via a vulnerability broker. Bugs reported in this way are not likely to generate Chromium rewards. We encourage researchers to file bugs directly with us, as doing so helps us get started sooner on fixes and removes questions about who else may have access to the bug details. We’d also remind researchers that we don’t necessarily require a working exploit in order to issue a reward. For example, evidence of memory corruption would typically be sufficient.

A review of Android Application Development process

A review of Android Application Development process

The overall quantity of Android Apps is said to have surpassed 50,000. At first the figure can strike one’s imagination but if compared to the 185,000 applications available at Apple’s App Store one realizes that there are still mountains to climb. But, nevertheless, the growth rate is impressive. The applications range from the fun-and-funky variety to those with determined utility. They targeted at all facets of life and all types of interests. But the question arises whether all those apps are that necessary. When the App Store hit 5000 apps, it definitely had everything 99% of people wanted. Moreover, great numbers do not guarantee great quality though prove increasing popularity.  

Android app requirements are not that strict as those of Apple. Thus, all the polishing up and refining petty features that has been key features of Apple’s application policy and a bar preventing many apps from entering the Apple’s Sacred Site, turned out to be a quality insurance initiative protecting users.

But quality Android apps have become more frequent lately, and will definitely continue now that serious hardware has been deployed, like Droid, Nexus 1, Incredible and a range of other Google phones. Before late 2009 nobody took Android seriously because the gadget performance did not come up to users’ expectations. Now more top Android developers are getting serious about making an appealing Android app to get some green and to enlarge their portfolio.

Developers surely give Android a share of their time. Though, high-profile application developers tend to pay less attention to Android customers as they do to the iPhone counterparts. But changes are possible. That attitude shift has been caused by several factors:
-Android is an OS that can be installed at devices that people never even imagined possible.
-A strong application market encourages potential buyers, thus stimulating hardware enhancements, which in their turn give greater possibilities for further Android application development.

Now Apple application market is said to have reached its upper limit but the market has tons of room to provide for Android apps. But nowadays it is also possible to talk about a very important emerging feature – any great app that comes out, comes out on all platforms. It’s definitely more profitable to follow that path and it’s not that difficult to convert the code over. The only thing that kills the joy is that Apple is going to band the mentioned code-shift, implying that all iPhone apps should be written with the use of the initial code and language. 

The move will definitely be an onset on developers’ rights. But every year has a silver lining – the advent of the iPad has given another gadget to create highly useful and completely useless apps for. Moreover, when Windows Mobile 7 rolls out this year, developers will have a great crowd of Microsoft mobile fans to target at. 

Eco Clothing Is The Latest 2010 Fashion Trend!

Eco Friendly textile becomes more and more popular. You should know that organic clothing is natural and very good for health. It is considered that earth friendly products will play a basic role this year, that eco brand clothing will become a fashion trend of the coming spring and summer.

What is the manufacturing process of eco clothing? Raw materials for eco clothing are usually planted in one place. When harvested, they are processed into yarn, and then yarn is woven into fabric, which is later sent to coloring. Only after these actions a manufacturer gets the fabric and produces clothes. Organic cotton is available in limited quantities. Low impact dyes are used in the process of coloring of organic cotton. It causes very low impact or no impact to our skin and to the environment.

What should I know about eco friendly clothing? Unfortunately modern customers are not informed properly about eco friendly materials and about the variety of eco clothing. Today it is possible to require eco brand dresses, tops, shirts, trousers etc. Eco brand shirts can be bought even online.  There are no clear instructions on the labels which could inform customers about eco friendly items. Sometimes we face a serious problem: many retailers claim that the products they offer are eco friendly but in reality only a part of products is such. For example, just the cotton is organic, different process of making the garment damages environment greatly.  It is necessary to mention that government should provide support and give subsidies to companies engaged in producing of eco friendly clothes. While designers should create beautiful designs so that eco clothes remain in a wardrobe for some years.

Why and where should I buy eco friendly clothing? Organic clothing is natural and healthy. 100% organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp clothing last long. Very important, that these fibers are breathable. Organic garments let your skin breathe. They are warm in winter and cool in summer. Eco friendly clothing is very good for children. It is soft and durable for all day play. Quality eco clothing has organic certifications which prove that there is no toxin exposure to skin. It is possible to buy such clothing online and in special eco-boutiques. Prices range from around $30-$200$. For example: tops made of organic cotton will run you 30$-40$, and dresses are about 60$-100$.

Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica, Bringing DivX to Android

South Korea-based Samsung has officially unveiled the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica that had the speculative rumor mills on the internet buzzing as the Galaxy Lite before its release.

Samsung is right to take out the “Lite” branding as the i5700 does have improved specifications over the earlier Galaxy i7500 smartphone.  This is Samsung’s second Android handset targeted specially to European markets (the 4th worldwide).After what seems like a sustained market demand, users can now watch DivX movies on the handset, making it the first Android to run DivX.

Samsung has earlier brought DivX to its flagship Omnia HD (8900), Ultra Touch (S8300) and BEAT DJ (M7600) in recognition of its excellent high quality lossy compression codec that now figure prominently in ripping High Definition disks and stored in MKV files for both home and mobile viewing.  Not all mobile phones carry the feature as it still require DivX certification and licensing for any device to get it playing the codec.  Android phone users, however, can still get DivX from third party apps like the vxflash player from MobileSoft.

A Word about DivX

DivX is a brand of codec technology that makes a competent balance of high quality MPEG4/Part2 compression algorithm with files sizes that are small enough for archiving across consumer media appliances like for the home and on the road. There are now over 100 million DivX-certified gadgets from leading consumer electronics brands that is making a dent in spreading a high quality high definition video experience across major platforms.

It requires certification and licensing to get your device to run DivX but it also figures as one of many codecs commonly used for ripping discs into hard drives for transcoding in smaller files.

Features at a Glance

Apart from being able to run DivX video, its media players can play just about all the popular media files you throw at it.  Headphone listening can come either from a 3.5mm headphone jack or wirelessly from its Bluetooth A2DP support.

The new I5700 Spica is a quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE on 2G and dual band 3G/HSDPA housed in a touchscreen monoblock body measuring 115 x 57 x 13.2mm weighing 124 g.  There’s WiFi 802/11 b/g for hotspot surfing and Bluetooth 2.1 for high speed wireless data synchronization.

It gets a powerful engine with a proprietary Samsung 800MHz CPU, making the i5700 Spica one of the fasted smartphone on in Android territory.  Memory is a modest 180 MB which can be expanded up to 32 GB on its microSD slot.

It has a 3.2” TFT capacitive touchscreen supporting 16 million colors on a 320 x 480 pixel resolution. Like most other touchscreens, it has a gravity accelerometer to auto-rotate viewing orientation based on the tilt of the handset. Imaging function is supported by a 3.15 megapixel autofocus camera with geo-tagging from its assisted GPS receiver. It does not have any secondary camera despites its 3G video calling capability.

Like its heftier i7500 brother, the new handset runs on the Android v1.5 Cupcake which is a tad down from the current v2.0 Éclair Android that runs on the Motorola Droid/Milestone.  It has a Java-based digital compass, Google Search, Google Maps and tight integration with YouTube and Google talk. From its generous 1500 mAh li-Ion battery, the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica gets up to 11.5 hours of talk time and 27 days of standby time on a single charge – one of the best among touchscreen mobiles.

LG Mobile Phones: Simply Awe-inspiring Gadgets

With the LG Mobile Phones , the users can comfortably enhance their style and comfort factor. Great things never come to an end and undergo continuous developmental processes. This notion holds very true in the case of the tools of communication. This essential factor binds the human beings to form a society. Moreover, almost every age has witnessed the evolution of certain communication tools. These gadgets underwent many developmental process. This situation is quite obvious as when genius are at work and when appropriate resources are available then great things are developed and introduced. In this context the mobile phones serves a very good example. These tiny gadgets have been specially developed to facilitate the process of communication. As a matter of fact, geographical boundaries never acts as a barrier in the process of communication these days. These days, wireless communication permits us to enjoy interactivity anywhere and any time. In fact, this advancement in technology have enhanced both the entertainment and comfort levels of the people.

These days, there are numerous players in the market and the Mobile Phones manufacturers are striving hard consistently to meet the high-end requirements of their customers. It is also a fact, that to climb the ladder of success, every manufacturer tries to launch the best innovative model and claims to be the best. But we cannot ignore the fact that to hit the hot list every time is not all an easy task. Moreover, when you are always surrounded by many competitors, things become even more difficult. Till date, the top notch mobile phone manufacturers are Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola and BlackBerry etc. Quite interestingly, in spite of cut throat competition in the market, LG has succeeded to manage quite an appreciable position. As a matter of fact, the LG mobile phones brilliantly crop into the market and hit the top list frequently. The handsets from this brand are accomplished with glossy designs and high-end specifications. One readily gets attracted toward the gadgets of this brand at the very first sight.

As various options are quite easily available, people never compromise on the quality and services. This concept holds very true in the case of mobile phones too. People readily plunge into the decision of changing their handsets when they are not satisfied with their service/or and quality. As such, just designing and developing a handset does not mean the task has been accomplished. What matters at the end of the day, is how much the product gained popularity and whether the users are satisfied with its service and quality. LG always tries to satisfy this criteria. The LG mobile phones are actually crafted with great care and are enhanced with high-end features. The main point that attracts anybody towards the LG handsets are their bright and glossy designs. Moreover, handsets of every price range are offered by this high-quality brand. This LG brand is well recognised all over the globe and has also received lots of applauds due to its efficiency and far-sightedness.

LG has always endeavoured to set new trends in the mobile phone market. Most importantly, it has succeeded almost every time to drive people crazy. Handsets of every design such as flip, sliding and swivel are available and that at too unbelievable price ranges. Almost every handset has certain specialities and high-end specifications are the trademark of the LG mobile phones. The most popular models of this brand are the KF600, KF700, KT610, KM710, KF310 and KP320 etc.

Most of the LG mobile phones are enriched with the 3G technology and permit the users to access high-end connectivity options at ease. Moreover, the latest and the feature-rich models are enhanced with high-resolution cameras, music player, document viewer and huge storage capacity. With these gadgets, the users can even enjoy high speed of data transference even while on move. Almost all the gadgets have the potential to elevate your mobile experience and entertainment too. You can comfortably log into the online mobile phone stores to get the most preferred and the latest handset at ease.

Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica Brings Android + DivX to the United Kingdom

Samsung has launched plenty of different phones across the United Kingdom before.  They know how to make a phone that changes the entire situation of a country.  However, one of their latest phone announcements has completely changed the way that many people will use their i5700 Galaxy Spica.  This mobile phone is going to be the first mobile phone to support DivX high quality video!  No longer is it necessary to convert video from DivX before putting it onto your phone.  It is now plug and play ready so that you can use it whenever and wherever you want to.

While watching that DivX movie is nice, you are not going to be able to do it without something really powerful under the hood.  That is why it is necessary to have one of the fastest, if not the fastest, mobile phone processor in the industry.  That is right, the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica includes the 800 Mhz mobile phone processor.  This will help you to use the phone for watching videos and other high computing activities.  Do not worry though, this processor can take a lot of work before it will go anywhere near dying or overheating.  The engineers at Samsung were very particular about how they designed the processor and phone so that it would not overheat.

Android 1.5 is included with the Samsung i5700.  While this is not the newest version of Android out of the box, it is still something that will allow you to accomplish many of the unique tasks that Android was built for.  One example is being able to browse Youtube.  While you are able to use DivX on this Android phone for the first time, you can always go back to the old standby of Youtube.  Simply watch any Youtube video that you want, from anywhere that you have mobile phone service.

The one downside to this is that not all areas have fast enough mobile phone service to where you can get a decent amount of bandwidth.  This leads to people becoming angry when they cannot finish their Youtube clips.  While then Samsung i5700 will do in a pinch, if you plan on consuming more than two Youtube videos, you are much better off with a traditional computer.  It will save the bandwidth on the network and give you a much better user experience.

Email is another important feature of the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica. Without email, you would not be able to communicate with your office and inform them of all of the important activities that are going on around you. Google Chat is another useful Android tool that will allow you to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers who need your help. Remember that while all of these tools have good intentions, you can use them in bad ways. Just make sure to use all of the Android applications with respect and always try to download a new one for fun from the Android Marketplace. They have a wide selection!

Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 09

This summer, several key trends will be appearing on the beach, by the pool and after hours. While the seasonal forecasts have been around since 2008, you can now begin to get your hands on the trickle-down of styles and suggestions that were first seen on catwalks months ago.

As with every season, you’ll find a range of stand-out trends from which high street fashion stores have either drawn directly or taken a subtle nod. This means you can either emulate the key trends effortlessly, or mix it up to get a flavour of what’s hot in amongst your own summer style.

This summer’s style pack will undoubtedly be rocking the risqué sheer and see-through trend, which will keep you cool when it heats up. You can mix up the sheer trend with heavier fabrics too, for example, a sheer, floaty underskirt or dress, teamed with a chunky knit will not only keep you warm as the sun sets, but the combination of styles, fabrics and textures will look effortlessly chic.

You’ll also want to pay attention to trousers, because they’re going to be big this summer. Making a fashion statement is easy in the trouser of the season and this spring/summer, the eastern influenced harem trouser is positively de rigueur. You can dress harem pants up or down as they’re perfect either for a lazy morning walk with flip flops, or with killer heels, chunky belt and loose fitting shirt for a night on the town with the girls or boys.

Fringing is also going to be big this summer, which suits every cowgirl down to the ground. From suggestive leather thonging on oversized handbags, to fringed hems on trousers, skirts and even full-length fringing on dresses, ala Raf Simons at Jil Sander; Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga and even Chanel are getting in on the action with the fringe benefits of this look.

In terms of cutting, biased, asymmetry and one-shoulder dresses, tops and swimwear are everywhere. Channelling a Grecian vibe, single-shoulders are alluring and practical and are great for keeping cool when the weather is warm.

Finally, to be en point with the key spring/summer women’s fashion trends this year, hit the shops hunting prints – the more vibrant and colourful, the better. Think clashing, outrageous eye-catching pops of colours and textures and you’ll be well on your way. John Galliano for Dior, Roberto Cavalli and Christopher Kane were all over this trend this season and so should you.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Once a term only used by governments, cloud hosting is making its way to businesses both large and small. According to Wikipedia, cloud computing “is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the internet.” Image a multitude of servers that are connected through networks to create a cloud where companies are able to store data. Essentially, this cloud acts as an outsourcing agent for server and storage needs.

Just because cloud hosting is becoming a new buzzword, adoption may or may not be the best choice for your company. Read over these pros and cons to learn more about your options with cloud computing.

The Benefits

Hosting your information on an outsourced system (that is maintained by a third-party) can really free up space and cut costs. With cloud hosting, you can

• Access your data at all times – not just while in the office
• A physical storage center is no longer needed
• Most have a pay structure that only calls for payment only when used
• Relieves burden on IT Professionals and frees up their time in the office
• Easily scalable so companies can add or subtract storage based on their own needs

The Negatives

If you are going to move all of your information to data centers situated outside your company, then security should be of utmost importance.

• Lost control comes with handing over your data and information
• Depending on third-party to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and information
• If your cloud host disappears, where does your information go?

If you are a small business, or even a Fortune 500 company, cloud computing can take a large expense and make it work for your budget. Funding the servers, software, and information technology professionals can be a real burden and finding cost-efficient means through cloud hosting can be very beneficial. With Amazon moving into the cloud computing environment, everyone has access to what could be a major change in business intelligence. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud is a dedicated, high performance, analytic database cluster that is open to businesses, on a pay-per-use scale, for a monthly fee. This sounds like an excellent business deal, if you are prepared to hand over your personal data and information.

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