Fashion Trends & Careers : How to Make Rock & Roll Clothes

Rock-and-roll clothing should follow a rough aesthetic, whether it be grunge rock, punk rock or alternative rock. Put together a rock-and-roll outfit with tips from a New York City fashion stylist in this free video on fashion. Expert: Mark Holmes Contact: Bio: Mark Holmes is a professional fashion stylist in NYC. Filmmaker: Kevin Haberer

Cloud Computing and You

Everything changes; the world, business, technology, everything. In the year 2000, we had dial-up internet, expensive software suite solutions, IT departments, and branch offices. We still have those things – except if you still have dial-up, stop reading and go get DSL – but we use them in different ways in a different environment. A lot has changed in eight years and all that changing is because technology first changed. Well, it’s about to change again.

If you have an online email account or use Google documents, then you already are using “cloud computing.” Soon enough, cloud computing will not only be a very good option for business, it may be the best option.

Cloud computing is internet based software. The internet itself is the cloud part of the metaphor. Right now, you can store all of your files on someone else’s server. You could have only one source of email and have it be internet-based. You can create and share documents and spreadsheets where neither the files, nor the applications reside on your computer. This is our current form of cloud computing. As we speak, it’s getting better.

Do you use QuickBooks for your business’s accounting? Intuit has a cloud version. IBM just launched Lotus Notes for the clouds. Google, Zoho, and others have internet based word processing and spreadsheets already. If you want to have a slick phone exchange system, there are many companies that offer a virtual PBX. Need a robust Customer Relationship Manager? Try SalesForce. If you look hard enough, you can probably find a company that is offering a cloud version of most every part of your business.

Obviously, switching to say, a virtual PBX will save you tons of money on equipment costs alone, but there are other reasons for getting excited about cloud computing. As the floodgates open, you will be able to duplicate every aspect of your business in the clouds and your office computers will be reduced to just outlets and workstations.

The beauty of cloud computing is readily apparent to anyone with computer hardware headaches. Are you one of those poor owners who has ever lost time, money, or information due to a server meltdown? With cloud computing, powerful servers with dedicated IT professionals are at your disposal. You don’t have to lift a finger! Expansion for your business becomes an easy natural process.

The companies that offer clouds services will expand as necessary too. They will service, maintain, and watch over their servers. They will have the latest anti-virus. They will worry and deal with all of the hardware issues you have now – or have ever had – so you won’t have to.

The first downside that comes to mind is keeping track of or integrating several different services for your company. Most likely, you already have many different programs that you have formed together on the computers in your office. The only difference with cloud computing is that your programs will be through the internet.

There isn’t one company that provides the cloud computing version of everything for everyone. Most likely, there will never be one. We don’t even have that now. What it will be is a shift of labor and hardware requirements for businesses, making them more flexible and coherent.

Hotmail, Yahoo, and Google introduced us to using applications that we didn’t purchase and install. Without even noticing, we took our first steps into the clouds.

Cloud Computing is Hyped and Overblown, Forrester’s …

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — While cloud computing is bringing enormous power to large and small organizations, the hype around the trend is “over blown,” says Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Frank Gillett. I interviewed him on Wednesday afternoon on the MIT campus. He told me that the whole movement has lead to “cloud envy” with companies branding existing services by “cloud washing” — using “cloud spray,” he says. Earlier this month he published a report on the subject. Seems like Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is one of big skeptics over the cloud gazing, as Dan Farber over at CNET writes tonight. Dan moderated a panel on cloud computing earlier this week at Technology Review emtech conference. Larry Dignan at zdnet wrote earlier this month that cloud computing as a term has become meaningless. — Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Become a Trend Setter by Sporting Nokia N96

The Nokia N96 is an outstanding slider designed phone. This handset weighs 125 grams with a fitted battery and has dimensions of 103 mm x 55mm x 18mm.This gadget has been enabled with 3G technology which help the users to access Internet facilities even while they are on the move. The battery of this widget offers up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 220 hours of standby time when fully charged. This smart phone has an internal Quad Band antenna that works on GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900 frequencies.

The N96 handset further comes embedded with 16 MB of internal memory, 128 MB of RAM and 256 MB of ROM memory and the external phone memory can be expanded further by using a microSD memory card. It comes preloaded with Bluetooth wireless technology and a USB port. As such, the users can transfer data and files from their handsets to other compatible devices. This stunning handset supports Nokia browser that has a Mini map of more than 100 countries. This gadget is also capable of broadcasting TV channels which would help the users to enjoy DVB H live TV broadcasts on their phone screen when ever they want. The vibration mode feature is best suited for the time when the users don’t want to hear the ring tones. Nokia N96 is a stylished nokia mobile phone.

The real video player help the users to play video clips any time without any interruptions. These videos support all the popular music file formats such as MPEG4, H264, H263, real video and Flash 3 video formats. This handset further comes powered with a 5.0 mega pixels camera that comes along with numerous features such as an auto-focus feature, video Recorder, Video Streaming and digital zoom features. These features would also help the users to enhance the quality of their images. The integrated music player of this world class mobile phone supports all the popular music files formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA.

There are numerous messaging options in the Nokia N96 handset which includes Short messages services(SMS), Multi media service(MMS), e-mail with attachments like SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 and Instant Messaging. This gadget further comes powered with e-mail features which help the users to access their e-mail account through their phone. It is a perfect device for the businessmen, who want to send or check their mail box even while they are traveling. It has a large phone book memory which can store a large numbers of personal contacts. The individuals of this sophisticated gadget can also find details of their past and current missed calls, receive calls and dialed calls.

Spring 2007 Jewelry and Fashion Trends

Jan 02, 2007
By fashion accessories designer Cindy Cellini, Santa Monica, California
Flower designs are very hot such as semi precious pedant necklaces. It adds feminine touch to anything you wear and pink flower jewelry is especially flattering. Black and white colors are really big now; it looks super cool and elegant when matching these colors with sterling silver chains, silver earrings or silver necklaces.
Another big fashion trend is sun-kissed shades such as orange, yellow, green, and blue; these sun kissed shades are a great eye catching combinations; for example imagine a necklace made of red adventuring jade (orange shade), red carnelian, green adventuring jade, and golden yellow topaz crystals — wearing these combinations of semi precious stones will get you a lot of attention!! Translucent jewelry is very trendy, mostly quartz jewelry, clear quartz, rose quartz, and smoky quartz, they look even more trendy when they are matched with crystal beads — it’s sparkle and see-through celebration!!!
BLUE is the color of the season, it matches good with green, yellow and white, there are so many beautiful tones of blue in nature, and when it combines with sparkling Austrian crystals, it becomes a perfect match! No doubt that turquoise is the queen of the blue color; I find it fascinating how the color of turquoise stone is not strong, still it stand out from far away.
For example, imagine a necklace where the pendent is light blue turquoise, add to it blue sapphire crystals, light chalcedony stones, and white fresh water pearls — this color combination match is in such a harmony that it feels like the colors in heaven! It also feels really nice and comfortable when you look at it with your eyes, just like the blue sky, the Blue Ocean and white clouds. For more information and pictures go to:

Summer Fashion Trends 2009

With new season come new fashion trends. So what is going to be the fashion trend this summer? Well,like any other season this season we are also going to see some new trends.But at the same time various old styles are going to make a come back.

Last winter also told us the same story as we have seen the models wearing embroidered skirts,loose knitted sweaters and tartan patterns.Summer is going to be no different.Not only in dresses but also in accessories,shoes and bags you will find the touch of the hottest fashion trends.

This summer you will see plenty of colors.But white is sure to hold a special place.It will bring a fresh feeling.White is soothing and wearing a white dress will be very comfortable.In contrast to white the other color that is going to dominate the scene is red, the color of passion and love.

Bright and vivid colors will play a special role in the summer trends of 2009.Another must have color is purple.This radiant and attractive color is a favorite of women.Colors like yellow and orange also have their unique appeal.The beauty of summer is reflected through these colors.

Not only bright colors but different tones of light colors are equally important this season.In fact many of the fashion designers are exhibiting designer collections in sky blue,light green,metallic color or in grey as they are classic summer colors.

You should not forget the age old combination of black and white.Current fashion trends always support this combination.Whether you are a man and woman you can not deny the elegant effect black and white has.Another color that is fit for any occasion is brown.It is perfect for workplace or a day outing.

Last but the not the least is golden that enhance your feminine charm.Your wardrobe should not miss this color.A touch of golden in your dress or accessories can really make you look beautiful.If your dress is traditional go for gold fashion accessories with it.This will give you a perfect classic look.

This summer women can go for midriff that will be comfortable and practical.If your figure affords this you can very well be in line with latest fashion trends.One shoulder dresses are also going to be very popular this season.

Surprisingly the ripped jeans are making a great come back this summer.They ruled the summer 2008 but this year they will be more prominent.You should add the overalls in your wardrobe collections as they are fashionable enough to fit for workplace or for casual wear.

All these dresses are ideal for fashion wear this summer.For special occasions you can choose jewel encrusted clothing.These dresses are fine and will make you look elegant.They are a little expensive but the price is worth the designer wear.

These handy fashion tips will surely help you to look stylish and trendy this summer.

Norah writes online articles on various topics. For more information on fashion trends or global trends she recommends you to visit:

Cloudcamp Frankfurt 2009 Keynote Simon Wardley “Why IT matters” Part 1

Simon Wardleys Keynote at Cloudcamp Frankfurt 2009 – 193 Slides in 20 minutes – Must see. Part 1 (Split due to length restrictions at Youtube) —– Twitter: @cloudcampger (English) and @cloudcampfra (German) Find the slides at

Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica to be Launched 2010

It may be too early to pass judgment on the Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica; but with its mid-tier specifications and over-delayed release date, it would not be surprising if many people have already lost interest in the smart phone. The first Android smart phone from Samsung was the 7500 Galaxy –the predecessor of the Spica. In fact, the Spica’s original name was Galaxy Lite, a label that gave it a definitive marketing position despite having specs worthy of being a phone of its own.

While the general public has been impressed with the initial news and announcements regarding this phone, the interest slowly died out as Samsung kept pushing the release date. With other Android devices such as the HTC Tattoo and the Motorola Milestone available, there is very little market left for the Spica.

Screen, Camera and More

This mobile phone supports both GSM and 3G networks. For 2G, it can handle 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 bands. For 3G, the device can handle HSDPA 900 and 2100 bands. With the phone’s 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen, you can enjoy a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and images with a depth of 16 million colors. The screen also has an accelerometer sensor when used sideways.

The 3.15 mega pixel snapper is pretty standard for a smart phone, while it has auto focus (which really helps with quick photos) it lacks LED flash making shooting in locations with bad lighting a little hard (such as indoors or at night). The camera is capable of geo-tagging images and can also capture videos.

One of the reason why the Spica was so important before was because it was supposed to have an 800 MHz CPU. While that spec still remains, it no longer holds much value in the face of other upcoming devices that sport 1GHz Snapdragon processors.

Phone and Google Features

The Google Android 1.5 Cupcake is without a doubt, a little behind for a 2010 launch. But that concern aside, it gives users access to plenty of mobile Google apps. Google provides some of the most useful online services and the mobile version of these applications make Android phones very useful. Google Mail, Google Talk and Google Maps are just three apps that Google provides. The Android also has its own application store.

The Spica itself features a Digital Compass, GPS, support for Bluetooth accessories and 180 MB of internal storage. The device features a micro SD card slot that can support up to 32GB cards.

Soon to Arrive

The Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica runs the Google Android 1.5 operating system. This old version is much too outdated for a 2010 launch. If the phone will not be readily upgradeable in terms of OS, it will wall far behind its competitors. 2010 promises the launch of plenty of Android smart phones from various manufacturers; the recent leak from HTC showcased 5 upcoming Android phones that would easily match the Spica.

Also, Samsung’s very own rumored Google phone, the i6500 Saturn, is also set for release next year. With these considerations, the most probable release date of the Spica would be very early next year –around January or February.

Blackberry Mobile Phones : Becoming Status Symbol Among the Users

Contemporary BlackBerry mobile phones include QWERTY keyboard to provide the users more ease while typing any text. With the help of this type of keyboard, one can save lots of time and energy. Some recent models from BlackBerry include BlackBerry Storm 9500, BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and BlackBerry Pearl Flip 34.

BlackBerry Storm is actually a 3G smart phone which is 112.5 mm long, 62.2 mm wide and 14 mm deep. Several models come with integrated GPS navigator that allows to locate places like restaurant, school, ATMs, hospitals and other places. The connectivity of this lovely phone is astonishing. It supports 3G HSPDA, Bluetooth and EDGE. This tempting device is equipped with 128 MB of flash memory and 8 GB external memory. This amount of memory allows the users to save or record songs, videos, games and other important files. Further, the mobile phone has a 3.2 mega pixels camera that allows extremely sharp pictures.

Another impressive handset is the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 , it is smart phone that weighs just 89.5 gm and has dimensions of 107 x 50 x 14.5 mm. The gadget supports various interesting features like MP3, MIDI and Polyphonic ringtones. This fantastic device has got a 1.3 mega pixels camera and dedicated zoom keys to take close photographs of important moments. With this camera, one can capture sharp and crystal clear photos. The handset comes with Bluetooth and users can share images, videos, games with friends and other near and dear ones. Those who love listening to music, this gadget has built in FM radio for them. Apart from this, it operates on Quad Band technology that supports frequencies like GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 networks

Speaking about the BlackBerry Bold 9000, it is one of the most successful handsets from BlackBerry and it is selling like a hot cake in the market. This fascinating device is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard and comes loaded with BlackBerry maps that greatly helps the users to find out various destinations like restaurants, gas stations, hospitals etc. The mobile phone comes with other remarkable features like, Bluetooth A2DP, EDGE and 3G HSDPA technologies. Quite interestingly, the handset has a powerful battery back-up. The battery of this gadget provides a standby time upto 310 hours and talktime upto 5 hours.

The good news for the users is that the BlackBerry mobile phones are available on various deals in the market. Some of the recent handsets from this company are available under Pay as you go and contract phone plans. All these plans can be availed from various retailers all across the world. Those who want to save the money, can go for PAYG plan as they are good for controlling monthly phone expenses. Another category of people include those who want unlimited talktime without thinking too much about the expenses. For such users, the retailers offer contract phone deal. The more information about these devices can be availed from Internet that provides detailed information to the users.

So, get BlackBerry handsets as they come with great style and design. Also, these devices are packed with high-end features and easy to use functionalities

ready to use blackberry

Blackberry mobile phones – Latest technology based business phones!

In the arena of modern electronic devices, phones have gained the maximum popularity. People love to own such handset which come with beautiful looks as well as innovative features. Blackberry mobile phones are fantastic business phones which are designed and presented while keeping in mind the modern phone need and requirement of user. Business people take maximum use of their phones than general users. Blackberry Storm 9500, Bold 9000, Curve 8900, Pearl 8110 etc., are some latest Blackberry faces. All these handsets are perfect in looks and feature both. Picking any of these devices can provide ultimate pleasure to the user.

Blackberry, being one of the most popular business phone manufacturers can be owned through different sources. But online phone shopping can save lots of time and money than any other medium. Without any problem, users can select their favorite model after making comparison of looks, feature and performance as well. Blogs written by certain people on the comparison website can help one to know deeply about their favorite handset. Above mentioned devices are very smart mobile phones. Lets discuss their features one by one to come more close to them.

Lets welcome Blackberry Storm 9500 which is a smart 3G phone. All advanced features of this device are capable to win the heart of business user as well as general user. The large 3.2 inches Touch screen display and awesome 3.2 mega pixel camera cannot remain unseen. Both these features can be called as the frontal attraction of the phone. Camera settings come boasted with useful options like Auto Focus and Flash. Video recording is another significant camera feature of Storm 9500. To provide fantastic quality music, Blackberry has presented the built-in music player with latest music formats like MPEG4, H263, H264 and WMV. Another wonderful features of the same gadget are GPS Navigation & Blackberry maps which can help one to find out the exact location. So, the owner of this handset can move freely.

The handset, Bold 9000 is also in the competition of best business phones. This gadget appears with elegant looks, mind blowing connectivity and superb features. The full QWERTY keyboard, 2.6 inches screen, 2 MP camera and music player are the attractions of this phone. This gadget can be owned without any second thought. SMS, MMS, E-mail and Instant Messaging are three messaging options for the owner of this phone. Pre-loaded games are interesting to play and more can be downloaded through Internet. The connectivity feature of Bold 9000 is boosted with GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA. With the support of HTML browser, users can easily browse to any world wide web. The storage capacity of 1GB with 128MB RAM is quite wide to store multiple files of the user. Alike other smart business phones, this handset is also blessed with document editor feature through which one business professional can edit their official files with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF official softwares. In short, Bold 9000 is a complete package mobile phone.

Now, the time comes to discuss the specialty of Blackberry Pearl 8110. The high-end features of this handset include a special feature of QWERTY keyboard. With this feature, one would love to type messages anytime and anywhere. Through Internet, one can download songs, videos, pictures and many other things to get entertained. The 3.2 mega pixels camera can attract the people who loves capturing still and running images. With various types of network connection, users can stay connected with th world. One would be happy to know that it weighs just 91 grams. Due to light weight feature, one can easily carry Pearl 8110 anywhere. Apart from business feature of document editor, users can get entertained with integrated music player, embedded games etc., appear with Pearl 8110 All functions can be accessed easily on move. In one sentence, Pearl 8110 is that smart device which can fulfill different requirements and wants of the people. Here, three wonderful models have been discussed of Blackberry which are equally useful and advanced. Just own any of these Blackberry mobile phones and become a smart mobile phone user.